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Welcome to the Carrot School blog. 

If you're interested in doing business on the web, this blog are the tips and ideas shared by people that think about very little else. The blog posts are written by digital experts who are specialists in their field. Each article should at least make you think or maybe even make you a tiny bit wiser. 


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For many entrepreneurs and business managers, the thought of progressing with a new business venture without a detailed business plan might seem unimaginable.

Your own opinion of your website does not matter and perhaps there are better ways to make decisions.

Every project needs a plan but what is the best way to construct a plan in the beginning. This article discusses how to start the planning process but importantly, also where to stop.

Latest Blog Articles

The position of data scientist is relatively new but is gaining recognition. This post explains the basics of what they do and why they have a key role in the success of a digital strategy.

Everything from the mundane to the highly creative; find out how crowdsourcing is an innovative way to resource many different types of work on a web project.

How can education in the workplace become leaner? This article shows what learning utopia might one day look like and what aspects of workplace learning can be improved.

To run or not to run a web project, that is the question. In this post we explore what a web project is; when it makes sense to run a project and when it’s not.

Many websites and web applications seem to be following a trend towards a more simple flat design. Is it just the latest trend or is something more important going on?

Hiring the right digital agency to help you with your website is a tricky decision. Here are a few tough questions to ask your candidate agencies to help you make the right choice.

There are near endless possibilities when is comes to creating a website. Here’s simple perspective on whether it’s best to build, buy or rent.

There is no one-size-fits-all digital strategy for business. Understanding the nature of the web is fundamental to creating an effective digital strategy and that’s why borrowing from the scientific method makes a great deal of sense.

If you’re spending all your marketing time and money getting people to your website and you’ve yet to discover Conversion Rate Optimization, then read on.

Creativity doesn’t like being put into a box. But if you’re working to a deadline that’s exactly what you have to do. Here’s one solution to being creative to a deadline.

It is often said that feedback is the breakfast of champions. Find out why the very best feedback might have you crying in your cornflakes.

A comprehensive list of all the non-functional requirements we could think together with some more than we hadn’t thought of.

As unlikely as it may sound, a Dutch football team might just have a strategy that can help your project team perform better?

When the pressure is on during a web project, quality is often the first casualty. Find out why this is a false economy and some project management tips on how to avoid it.

Some say, we should gather all the requirements while others say, don’t gather requirements at all. Read here, the extremists’ points of view.

In this article, we set out what we believe are the key factors to being successful online. And we want to know if we’ve missed anything…

I’ve heard so many auguement why requirements need not be captured before starting a web project. Here’s just a few and why I think they’re flawed.

The business case for online learning is a compelling one. Whilst it might not be appropriate for all types training; when an online course is executed well, the benefits to the learner and to organisations can be persuasive.