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Duration: 2 hr 13 min

The Definitive Guide to Web Project Requirements Gathering

How to Start a Web Project the Right Way takes you through a step by step process to determine what every project needs to do at the very beginning. The course provides you with practical advice that you can put into action right away. The advice given is not overly prescriptive. Instead, it provides options so you can decide which techniques and tools fit best with your environment the way you work.

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This might just be the essential course that you never knew you needed! Who knows, if you acquire these skills you may even find yourself a new job or be able to offer a valuable new service to your company or for new and existing clients.

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Who's It For?

  • Digital Design Agencies
  • Small Business Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Business Analyst Beginner
  • Anyone about to start a web project or build a website

What You'll Learn?

  • Learn how to start a web project to ensure success
  • Know why getting requirements right is critical to project success
  • Reduce the risk of missing any important requirements
  • Learn about different requirement types
  • Learn the many sources where requirements can be found
  • Learn a variety of different techniques to discover requirements
  • Learn how to structure and document requirements
  • Learn how to effectively prioritise
  • Understand how the process differs depending on the project lifecycle
  • Learn how to gain buy-in from stakeholders and the project team
  • Learn the many valuable uses for a set of requirements

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1. Background and Theory: Why Creating Quality Requirements are Vital to Success 22 min 47 sec

1.1  Introduction and Course Syllabus 1 min 29 sec
1.2  What you will learn taking this course 3 min 3 sec
1.3  Project Excellence and the Age Old Problem 3 min 6 sec
1.4  Requirement Gathering Theory and Business Drivers 6 min 2 sec
1.5  Objectives, Requirements and Industry Research Results 7 min 0 sec
1.6  Movie Quiz
1.7  Advice and Lessons from the Field 2 min 7 sec

2. Requirement Types: Thinking about Requirements from Different Perspectives 24 min 9 sec

2.1  Continuous Improvement and the Key Principles 2 min 25 sec
2.2  The Five Types of Requirements 12 min 49 sec
2.3  Web Requirements and the Three Step Process 8 min 55 sec

3. Requirement Gathering: Sources and Techniques to Find all the Requirements 45 min 18 sec

3.1  Objectives: How and Where to get them 9 min 26 sec
3.2  Requirement Gathering Techniques and Sources of Requirements 3 min 7 sec
3.3  Sources of Requirements in Detail 15 min 53 sec
3.4  How to Run a Successful Workshop 5 min 57 sec
3.5  Using Techniques that are Right for your Project 2 min 56 sec
3.6  How to Create and Document High Quality Requirements 7 min 59 sec

4. Requirements Analysis: How to Ensure Quality Requirements and Prioritise 13 min 59 sec

4.1  How to Analyse Requirements 6 min 40 sec
4.2  How to Prioritise Requirements 6 min 6 sec
4.3  How to Manage Requirement Conflicts 1 min 13 sec

5. Requirements Validation: Validating Requirements and Achieving Buy-in 5 min 58 sec

5.1  How to Validate Requirements and Be Aware of the Challenges 5 min 58 sec

6. Project Lifecycles 9 min 45 sec

6.1  How to Gather Requirements in Waterfall and Agile Projects 9 min 45 sec

7. What's Next: The Many Uses of a Great Set of Requirements 11 min 45 sec

7.1  Setting the Scope and Managing Requirements 4 min 56 sec
7.2  Putting Requirements to Good Use 2 min 22 sec
7.3  Course Recap: What Have we Learned? 3 min 3 sec
7.4  Final Words 1 min 24 sec