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What they’re saying

These are all genuine reviews for the Carrot School first course. The reviews have been collated from third party online training platforms. 


Complete and Easy to Understand

I have been a technical consultant for 8 years designing and developing software but I never had to manage a project until now. This course helped me quickly catch up to speed. Thank you Ian!


Tara Jackson

Clear, concise guide for requirements gathering

Whether you have some experience or not, this course takes you through from the very start of a project giving you a good oversight of tools you will need and some very handy tips along the way.


Neil Hume

A well constructed thought provoking course!

This course has changed the way I think about web development and also changed the way I prepare to do further work on my website. I wish I’d learned some of this years ago, it would have prevented quite a few mistakes.


Nick Page

Very good course!

I really liked this course. It is very well made and brings a detailed view of the topic. I love that it is focused on just one step of a larger workflow and tries to really explain it very well. Can't wait for more courses from Ian about specific steps in a Web Design & Development workflow.


Hugo Carlos

Outstanding presentation and content.

One of the cardinal rules in traditional navigation is to know where you are and your final destination. For that you need a map. As this course brilliantly explains in a well presented manner, there is a map for your project as well. Tools and methods are presented to not only know where you are, but also the different paths at your disposal to reach your destination.. The instructor have mastered powerpoint presentation techniques and with a clear, crisp and calm voice you are guided thru the course and before you know it comes the conclusion. Highly Recommended.


Carl Spira

Excellent overview when embarking on a large web project

I have been tasked with building a website (part of a even larger project) and am somewhat daunted about the magnitude of the task. Not least, it appears that many stakeholders want different things from the project. These wonderfully pragmatic lessons will prove invaluable. Much of it is just common-sense, but its nice to have ones instinct endorsed by some theory. Also, many good ideas about information gathering and pre-empting problems. The proof will be in the pudding, so to speak - one year from now and how useful will I consider it then? I suspect it will have proved to be invaluable. Best foot forward.....


Nick Coates